waste management

We as a corporative group manage waste disposal, street cleaning operations, collect and take the disposal waste to recycling companies such. Our firm supervises the transportation of waste to ensure that it takes place competently without contaminating air, land or water sources. Waste management includes, collection, transport, treatment and disposal of waste together with monitoring and regulation. It also encompasses the legal and regulatory framework that relates to waste management encompassing guidance on recycling.


Creating a safe & SUSTAINABLE environment


Waste collected is transported to an appropriate disposal facility. Incineration is a disposal method in which solid organic wastes are subjected to combustion so as to convert them into residue and gaseous products. This method is useful for disposal of residue of both solid waste management and solid residue from waste water management. This process reduces the volumes of solid waste to 20 to 30 percent of the original volume. Incinerators convert waste materials into heat, gas, steam, and ash.


Recycling is a resource recovery practice that refers to the collection and reuse of waste materials such as empty beverage containers. The materials from which the items are made can be reprocessed into new products. Material for recycling may be collected separately from general waste using dedicated bins and collection vehicles, a procedure called kerbside collection.


In some communities, the owner of the waste is required to separate the materials into different bins (e.g. for paper, plastics, metals) prior to its collection. In other communities, all recyclable materials are placed in a single bin for collection, and the sorting is handled later at a central facility.


We improve environmental effeciencies each year by eliminating waste through sustainable resource practices. O.H. implements recycling materials such as glass, food scraps, paper and cardboard, plastic bottles and metal. We deal with enquiries and complaints from members of the public via phone, emails or in person. Should there be complains in regards to illegal dumping of waste, O.H will investigate and make follow up with such claims.

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